Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Beautiful Missy Mini Lurcherette

Well.... anyone who knows Gap well will know that every once in a while they put their neck on the line for *borderline sighthounds* and sometimes just plain not sighthounds. When your involved with rescue, especially pound rescue its only natural for other dogs to cross your path not just sighthounds. Occasionally those dogs are also in serious risk and you just cannot ignore the danger and have to step in. This has happened numerous times and again just recently.

On the day that we went to collect Bod and Cookie (yes Cookie one of those accidents) the pound mentioned two other dogs. Littermates around 7mnths old who had been brought in together labelled sheep killers. Due to this label they were due destruction. Meep Meep Meep Meep! You can hear the alarm bells ringing, talk about red rag to a bull. Hmm..... deep breaths and off I toddles asking to be shown the perpertrators.

Bless them, I was led to a kennel where two of the most terrified lurchery *type* dogs I had ever seen in my life were cowering. We will we take them! It was out of my mouth so quickly that I actually remember feeling shocked and almost looking around to see who said it. They were reluctant to release them as of course the worry that when they had done it once they would do it again was there hanging. I took a deep breath before reasoning that half the dogs that came into our care would do the same given the chance, the difference was we find homes with people who understand NOT to give them that chance.

They were granted bail and moved that day to our kennels.

When we got to spend time with them that weekend it was obvious to see that the two of them were virtually semi feral, they had never it seemed known a kind hand, never been shown how to walk on leash and were fearful and reactive with all other dogs. Their first three weeks walks werent walks they spent the whole of their time crawling on their bellies urinating, hiding under parked cars anything they could to get away from the world and the people and noises in it.

We kept them together in kennels for a couple of months whilst they gained confidence, weight and condition. Soon they were learning to walk on the leash and learning how to interact with the other dogs at the kennels, they still showed nerves and at times fearful reactions that half manifested in aggresion to the other dogs but we could see it was all based around the unknown.

Last week after the sad loss of Lady we had a space here to bring in another number 8 short term on a foster basis. Myself and Trish decided that the pups had had long enough in kennels and were now ready to make the transition albeit gently into the big wide world. We decided to pick them up with Chief heading to Trish and Missy coming to stay here with us.

I cannot tell you what a joy these babies are turning into. They are eager to please, loving, both after just a week walking like angels on the leash and adore the company of the other dogs. Both are still wary of men but coming on in leaps and bounds. They are clean in the house, quiet, good to be left for short periods of time with the other dogs (apart from one brain fart from Chief after Trish left him lose and went to carry out a fundraising car boot sale but we wont mention that!) All in all steadier and easier than most well balanced pups of 9mnths who have known nothing but love and kindness.

Today the wonderful Missy had her first run off leash with Scarlett and Tzar. She was beaming. To see that little girls face glow with happiness humbled me more than I can ever explain. The fear I feel in my heart when I think that both of these angels lives could have ended at such a young tender age because of some *story* used to justify being rid of them fills me with fear. I am only glad that they both now have a second chance.

Missy and Chief are both looking for homes with other dogs for company and to allow them to continue building their confidence. They would make fabulous little agility dogs and good all round family companions.

I really hope their forever sofa isnt far away.
For more information or to offer the beautiful Missy and Chief homes please call Lisa on 01782 544728 or Liz on 01473 623343.

Missy enjoying her run.......

and the beautiful Chief

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