Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Mr Wonderful

Browsing back through the blog today from the start I realised that I hadnt actually introduced you properly to my own pack of hounds. Considering I post so much about the rescue and they are a huge part of it fitting in and around it bless them I felt that quite rude on their behalf.
Over the next few weeks in between other posts I will aim to try and rectify that. So today I thought I would start with Tzar.
Tzar is the first of my current pack to make his home here. He is 6 years old and we know that his Mum was pure greyhound (she was a resident here also but sadly now at the bridge). We think his Dad was probably Shepherd x Collie, we definatly know that the Shepherd is there as he has thrown so strongly to the Shepherd genes. Tzar was actually hand reared from 3 hours old by myself alongside his 1o siblings as Mum was unable to feed them. We never meant to keep a puppy but the others were all confident and bolshy and although the biggest Tzar was always shy and reserved. He stayed because we recognised these qualities in him and knew we could help his confidence to grow
Now he is the most fabulous dog. He is friend to all who pass through the doors, gentle, considerate and loving and the first to make a neglected or upset rescue feel safe and sure that they are in a good place. He is an excellent teaching dog for those with aggresive tendancies as his doggy language is so good, and he will not retaliate even when they unleash their worst. He has taught so many fearful aggresive dogs that its okay, he has also taught many a rude dog how to mind their manners.
Tzar is loving, loyal and can be a bit fretful when he isnt around his humans, he settles when we are out but never really relaxes if anyone is away from the home. He needs to know that ALL his pack is safe and where they should be. The love this boy gives is so hard to explain, he truly is my little big guy.
Even 6 years on he is still a bit of a wuss, his recent booster injection bless him had to be administered through a needle used to treat hamsters. The only time we ever see another side to Tzar is when matters medical are concerned, then we get the collie alien face and a very clear leave me alone. He is such a wimp.

Tzars favourite things in the world are playing, running, eating and sleeping and although he is a fun dog to have around he is just as content snoozing his days away amidst the dog pile that regularly occurs on our sofa.

A True Gentle Giant!

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HandH said...

Awww - you can see the Shepherd in those ears - he really is the most beautiful colour!!

Hootin' Anni said...

So sad.