Monday, April 14, 2008

Good Luck Little Man!

Today is the day that Bod heads down to Leominster Eye Clinic for the initial consultation with his surgeon. Bod will be having surgery to rectify his current blindness caused by cataracts. They feel that behind the cataracts the retina is functioning. The procedure called phaecoemulsification we have to hope is succesful. The procedure means that a 2mm hole will be cut into both eyes and a special machine made to break down the cataracts, a teeny hoover type device will then be used to remove the broken down material before finally two false lenses are inserted and the eyes stitched. The whole process is estimated to cost around £2500 for both eyes. To give this little man who really is a joy the gift of sight back and to make his life so much richer will be worth every penny.

Good luck Bod I will be waiting with baited breath to hear the outcome and get the all clear for the surgery to go ahead as scheduled on 14th May.

Hugs also to your foster Mum Trish. Trish I know how apprehensive you are about tomorrow and im just so so sorry that we couldnt work it so that I had a sitter for this rabble to come along with you. Will be thinking of you both and willing the phone to ring.

We should also get a *definate* costing tomorrow so no doubt my darling treasurer Angela will be heading to work with her paper bag to help with the hyperventilation lol! Im only sorry I havent been able to keep the blog up dated the last few months because you wouldnt believe the amount of scarily expensive special cases we have had in the last few months.

With Bod possibly around £10,000 has been spent on just FOUR dogs since the end of last September!!! Scarlett our little greyhound pup has cost around £3000, Bear our oldie lurcher who had a billateral hernia repair was around another £3000, Lady our oldie girlie with cancer £1000 and after operation costs Bod around £3000.

*Faint* *Thud* when you see it written down like that it really is scary and we have to constantly thank ALL of our supporters for their continued help in raising such vast amounts to allow us to give these very special dogs there lives back. You are LIFE SAVERS literally!
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Aoj & The Lurchers said...

Treasurer is taking very deep breathes!

Good luck Bod, will have everything crossed for you today!