Sunday, October 29, 2006

Lazy Blogger!

I am so sorry for those if there is anyone out there who does pop by to visit and read the Gap blog. The last few weeks have been an awful time with so many dogs in danger. So many have landed so many have gone home and so many I have forgot to thank and mention in the blog.

To give you an idea of the way the last month has gone here is a post I typed for our forum....

I felt the need to thank as many people personally as I could...

Hope this gives you an insight into the current weeks we are having.

Well normally I would just put a broad spectrum thank you to everyone on but this week has been so bloody awful but with so much achieved and so many lives saved im going to try and remeber to thank everyone.Monday morning saw me telephoned out of bed at 8 am by the pound. It says it all I knew that we and more importantly alot of dogs were in trouble and so begins the tale of a miracle week....

I need to say thank you firstly to the transporters....

Monday -Trish for taking me from Stoke to Wolverhampton to the pound for dogs and the list and back to Stoke and kennels with Ted, Mork, Cooper and Sally

Nicky (Cadbury) Wolverhampton to Milton Keynes to Stoke then back to Wolverhampton with Duchess

Vicky for collecting Ralphie the last pointie poundie and moving to hers

Tuesday -

Karen and Colin from Widnes to Stoke to collect Ted and back again

Carl for taking me from Stoke to kennels to Uttoxeter to meet Jackie (Fenjas Mum) who came from Leicester to Uttoxeter back to Nottingham then Leicester

Wednesday -

Dave from Stoke to Wolverhampton back to Knutsford then Stoke with the English Bull Terrier. Allie from Rochdale down to Knutsford then back to Wythenshawe to drop him off then home.

Nicky for Wolverhampton with a poundie to Stoke and then onto kennels with me to Collect Morris and then the local to me pound to collect Daisy and Toby and then back to Wolverhampton.

Anna from Sheffield to Stoke to collect Morris and the poundie girl to head to Kaye at Lurcher Link and the girl to Dogs Trust Leeds. Kaye for coming out when she is so busy herself and collecting the girl and Morris.

Friday -

Liz from Ipswich to collect Lady and take her home from Colchester

Fran for collecting Sandy from Wombwell and taking her back to hers

Mandy (Spikesmum) for travelling to collect Bobby and take him back to hers

Saturday - Mandy (Spikesmum) travelling from Newcastle down to Leeds with Bobby to meet Jackie Fenjas Mum and bring him down to Donnington and Trish for going with me to collect him there and take him to kennels.

Dawn and Lisa for collecting a poundie from Wolverhampton and taking to meet Phebe in West Wales, Phebe (owl) for then getting said poundie onto Xaraworlds and Donna (Xaraworlds) for collecting poundie and taking safely back to Aberystwyth.

Sunday -

Nicky up to meet Jasamines new owners Liz for travelling from Ipswich to take Lady to foster and Wanda for collecting her to take as a foster

In advance I would also like to thank Amy and Missysmum for the mammoth run they are about to perform on Tuesday from Birmingham to Newton Abbot thank youTo every single transporter thank you you are bloody life savers literally

Fosterers -

Karen and Colin for Ted thank you
Vicky and Chris for Ralphie thank you
Trish and Mark for taking in another one Evie thank you
Fran for taking Sandy thank you
Kaye at LL for taking Morris thank you
Corrine for taking Inca thank you
Wanda for taking Lady thank you
Nicky and Rich for Daisy and for Dawn and Lisa for juggling her for a couple of days thank you

Kennels -
Trish and Mark, Nicky and Colin (Skires) and Carl for help making sure all dogs are walked safe and settled. Not to mention my ever patient, happy and obliging wonderful kennel staff who so many of our dogs owe their personal wellbeing, they do all they can with what they have to make sure our dogs are loved, bathed, fed, kept warm and watered and I cant thank them enough.


Liz for holding the fort so admirably with the phone calls and homechecks arranging and incoming reports. I know it got a bit hairy during the course of the week and I nearly drove you to both drink and a breakdown but fingers crossed we will get there Also Kevin for not barring me from phoning her

Angela for constantly holding our bank balance, thank you. I know I rib her but there has never been a time she says no, she says do it get the dog, sod the rest and money is money we will worry about it after. I am so lucky to have a treasurer who never second guesses me and is happy that every decission I make for the dogs not matter the financial implications never once questions my ethics or moral standards because well she knows me well enough to know its always for the right reasons.

To everyone else for every second they have put into either Gap, the dogs or the forum this week, keeping it going, a nice place to be where to be honest in weeks like this we all prove that miracles DO happen. Thank you all .....

We can all now welcome this weeks new safe arrivals ....

and Sandy

10 new arrivals in a week is a hell of an achievement and im totally gobsmacked and amazed that we managed with more luck than judgement to find somewhere for them all to be.

Also other rescues for taking the poundies safely

Lurcher Link for sorting the little lab x collie girl
Bullies in Need for Oscar the English Bull
Babbington for Sally and Cooper
WAW for three two who are in our kennels in isolation
Hope for a little old staffi x boy
GRWE Newton Abbot for Tuesdays boy
and Boxer Welfare who are about to take another charge.

I know its long and it reads scary but this has been what I hope is no ordinary week So many people have bent over backwards to make such a difference to so many dogs that this long winded appreciation post was the only way I could think to say I know who every last one of you is and for pulling off what you pulled of this week you are insane but in a nice way