Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Famous Last Words!

Okay once again I eat my hat! Phone call this evening gentleman dies leaves 19 senior dogs behind what do you do?

Sooooo it looks like Gap can look forward to welcoming 3 x 11 year old lurchers, 1 x 12 year old lurchers and 1 x 13 year old lurchers.

36 dogs! Not sure where they will be going yet but we will find somewhere hey ho.

Now What?

Sitting here writing this blog entry right now im feeling desperate, low, worried. Yet again with 6 weeks to go till the Christmas turn out we have once again been forced to close the doors.

The phones are ringing off and sadly its not with great home offers for our current hounds but with people wanting rid of their dogs again, pounds ringing with pts problems, trainers, you name it they are coming from everywhere.

Were full! Sad fact and I have always prided myself and Gap on finding a solution there is always a space somewhere right? Wrong! All other rescues seem to be in exactly the same boat, no one seems able to squeeze that last little lurcher, or that one final greyhound in anymore. Rescues who have helped us in the past are now having to turn to us for help. Some are openly admiting they have never known it this bad and could never understand why we were always so pressured. Most are rescues down South who are now experiencing just how bad it gets the further North you head for the first time in a longtime. Non of us anymore can see the wood for the trees.

At the moment we have 21 dogs in foster, and another 10 piled up in kennels moving no where fast because the dogs in foster arnt moving on. Its a sad state of affairs but once again the country seems to be at gridlock.

We were full at the beginning of the week but since being full we have taken two lurchers due euthanasia as the council facility they were in were full, another rough coated lurcher, his pound should have only kept him the 7 days but held on for 21 to try and keep him safe, a little 6 year old greyhound girl coming to us who has already lost one eye to glaucoma, her family were moving and dont want to take her with them and so had placed her up for homing in the free ads, with a condition like hers hanging over her head, and then a call from another rescue yet again with a young lurcher male. How can you say no to these dogs? Sadly next week will come another list similar to this and next week we have to say no!

Kenneling costs are now over £1000 a month that is without routine vet treatment, we could raise more money, we could then offer more places of safety. However, the dogs then sit and wait longer and longer in kennels, without dogs moving out of foster homes we cant get on with the assessments, some of these dogs are way to young to be in kennels for a length of time and some are too old. Prioritise them then you get the middle of the roader stays being increased longer and longer and its happening. There is just no easy answers!

Fly one of this weeks intakes.



For more information on this weeks intakes and if you feel you could offer any a foster place please visit the current kennel hounds page on our main website

We also need to say a massive thanks.... to all who donated and participated in our big online auction held on Greyhound Gaps forum. The auction ran for a week and managed to raise a staggering £2,599. That will go along way and will cover this months bills in its entirity. Thank you all without this continued support we couldnt do what we do! Thank you.