Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mad few weeks!

The last few weeks have been soooooo busy so I will try to add a big blog post now whilst I have five minutes!!

Beauty our lovely girl landed safely in our care and then promptly had 9 puppies! The pups are now nearly 4 weeks old a6 girls and 3 boys and are ALL doing well. They will hopefully be heading to foster at six weeks old as Madam Beauty isnt to be fair Mother Earth and is already getting a bit fed up with them. They are just about starting to wean and are playing around in their food having the time of their life. Photos will follow in the next couple of weeks promise!

The Show!

Well..... erm, madness, mayhem and caos are the only words to describe the day and that was just the weather! If it was anything it was persistant!! 8 hours solid it threw it down with no let up! At one point we very nearly cancelled but on arriving alot of loyal volunteers were already there and waiting.

By 11pm when registration was due to start we were thinking eep! What if no one comes? Come though they did in droves. Everybody stuck with the weather and more importantly us.

The day was a HUGE sucess and we managed to raise a fabulous £3000.

We cannot thank all those who turned up on the day enough. Its because of the dedication and loyalty of you all that Gap is the rescue it is!!

Alot of people expressed their upset as they didnt set out for the day thinking we would be forced to cancel sooooooooo. WE ARE DOING IT ALL AGAIN!

We have set a date for a second show this year on September 16th same time same place. We look forward to seeing you on the day.

Some photos will be added to the blog shortly and also an article on the newspage.

General day to day comings and going are the same many dogs have joined us in the last few weeks and many have gone off to fabulous new homes.

I promise now these last few weeks are over and done with to try and blog again more regularly starting with some pictures of the kennel hounds this weekend!!!

Thank you all again for your continued support and for reading this blog.