Friday, April 27, 2007

Gearing up for the weekend....

How on earth can it come around again so fast? I just have no idea where this year is going and have to keep pinching myself to believe we are almost into May!
This weekend yet again is going to be manic! I thought last weekend was more manic than usual but how wrong could someone be!
There is all change yet again on the dog front. The lad that was due to arrive with us from the Northern pound has now gone to Dogs Trust thankfully.... this is because we needed to make way for another poundie girl who is estimated to be over 8 plus and buzzing yet again with a serious mouthfull of rotten teeth she is landing tomorrow. We are also welcoming a young lad from Lancaster way this weekend who is coming as a boarder on behalf of Lurcher Link. Kaye and I work very closely and she is as full as we are yet again! Sadly the doors are going to have to shut again and its heartbreaking but we once again have no room. The vets bills and kenneling bills this month are horrendous and we have to work out away to raise yet more funding than we are already busting our gut with our fabulous team of fundraisers and supporters to try and bring in. Its so frustrating! People are fantastic and they only have so much to be able to give and we totally understand that and need to push forward and find more unique ways of getting us out and about into the public eye. Any suggestions please someone let me know!

On the fundraising note though we do have a couple of thanks you's to say! Last weekend a group of our girls including Vixens foster Mum held a two day Meet and Greet at Pets at Home Stafford.

During the course of the two days and thanks to public generosity they managed to raise a fabulous ....

£245.72 pence

Thank you ladies and gentleman!

Also on a more painful note.... out on a transport run last week I got a text from Laura who along with her husband Pete adopted a dog from us a beautiful collie x lurcher called Marley.

The text simply said " Pete has started Marathon Ok if he completes it should be about 350 coming to Gap!"

Horrified I rang her! I hadnt realised he was running it, after asking her if he was mad she confirmed that yes indeed he is but he would be fine.
We got news later that poor Pete had had problems with a weak knee at 8miles but with sheer grit and determination he carried on and finished bless him. Pete you are a bit of a hero. He he is gritting his teeth and waving to the crowds. Also the next morning refusing to move out of bed with Marley slapping a helpful paw on his face trying to get him to change his mind. You can also see Tyler Marleys full collie brother assisting!

Also a massive thanks have to go out to Kate Davis and the team at Npower Stoke on Trent for helping to raise a fabulous £50 with help of the training department your all stars! Npower also supported us at Christmas with a wonderful donation of food and bedding for our homeless hounds.
This weekend is going to pass by in a whir of dog walking, homechecking, transport runs and fundraising and is going to be just as busy weekend for the team as usual!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Vixen Update - Round One

Over the course of the week we had been running tests to make sure that Vixen was up to health to undergo the first round of her surgery. Her water showed she had a slight urine infection which we suspected and her bloods showed that her creatin levels were slightly raised to 160, 150 was normal on the vets machine but nothing to overly worry about.

After speaking at length to Jessica the vet we decided to place her on a drip an hour before surgery and keep her on it throughout the duration. Her treatment actually started on the Monday with the first of her injections to stop her progressing if she is indeed in whelp, the second being done after surgery Tuesday.

Poor Vixen had a bit of a time and it was necessary immediatly to remove 14 teeth in one go and 14 teeth in one go indeed Jessica did remove. Naturally she was a little wobbly yesterday, very sore and forlorn and generally tired and feeling sorry for herself. She did the right thing though and rested up well.

Speaking to her foster Mum today though it seems that you really cant keep an old dog down and her spirit is already shining straight back through. Edie one of Vixens foster Mums permanant dogs was out spinning and playing in the back garden and Sandra had to go and get Vixen out of the fray when she decided she might like to chase and spin too! Way to go Vixen glad that the spark we knew was in there is still flickering and igniting!

She needs time to recover now before we remove the tumour and undergo the spay. One things for sure as said before if any dog will come through it without fuss or drama its her.

Other news.....

Brodie the brindle lad tied up in a field wont be joining Gap as he has had a fabulous home offer via the dogs home. An elderly gentleman has lost his companion and he will be going to join him.

The black whippety boy still has three days to go but his transfer up to us once his time is up if not reserved has already been managed so we may see him Saturday.

We are also welcoming a black greyhound male from a pound up North into the fold shortly and another girl with a bit of a colourful history......

A few weeks ago we got sighting reports of a black greyhound girl wondering in Warrington living rough in fields. To cut a long story short she was finally caught by volunteers from three organisations and has since been with WAW (Warrington Animal Welfare). The owners were notified but hadnt bothered searching for her (she was wearing a tag) and it transpires she has been out there since January can you believe it? She has to be one of the fattest hounds ive seen so no wonder the local farmers were getting a little cheesed off!

Other new arrival Stan is settling in well in foster care. Stan also a WAW dog has been languising in private kennels but needed a foster based rescue to progress him to a new home. Stan is a spooky boy who it was reported by his owners urinated himself everytime they had visitors to his home. Thankfully we arnt seeing that. Poor boy is a typical overly spooky hound but is handling all that is thrown at him well. The only time we have seen him wet himself is out on a walk when some idiot threw a repeater firework towards them. Mind you, Caroline his foster Mum said that she nearly wet herself too as did her hounds who are usually bomb proof with fireworks so we cant hold that against him!

On the leaving us point. Selwyn left for a new home Monday and reports are that he has settled in fabulously well. Cleo went today and reports are that she is keeping her new brother in line laying down the law and showing who is boss so fingers crossed for that!!! Robson is moving onto a new home in Overseal tomorrow. He is proving to be a little clingy and whiney but his new home has experience with difficult dogs, they dont need to leave him till we have worked through it and he is comfortable and if all goes well although ive said foster now so we can support them through it I dont think he will be leaving. Friday see's Bengy one of our current hounds head up to WAW as he has more chance of finding a home with a mixed breed rescue! Bengy looked like a lurcher when he was sent over by the dogs home but now looks more like a fat pointy lab since he has got back up to weight and health. Saturday also sees Sadie heading to a permanant home back where she started in Stoke can you credit it? This little girl is an angel and her new family are going to be so in awe of what a sweet little girl she is. She will have a new hairy brother called Oscar who is so going to love having a new friend to play with.

Also..... YET AGAIN! We are pleased to announce that Sue who recently failed at fostering with Jake putting her up to five has caved and said she wants her current foster oldie Sasha to stay! As Sasha is such a wonkey donkey and a little bit of a Madam she is staying on a foster hound basis with us continuing to look out for her medical care. Sue yerrrrr mad and Sasha behave sweetie!

Busy week all round again then for a change!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Here, There & Everywhere!

Sunday was yet again another busy day with another early start!

First port of call was kennels at 9.30am to pick up Jade! Jade was due to make her way down to foster with Liz in Ipswich and so her mammoth journey began.

Nicky and I safely arrived with her at 11am at Donington Park Services where Jackie met us to take her onto Cambridge Services to meet Liz and Kev for the last leg of the journey! Jade travelled like a dream and has settled into Liz's with her hounds like she has always been there. Thank you all for your transport help it was greatfully received.

Then saw a mad dash back to Stoke! It should have all timed perfectly for our 1pm homevisit but sadly well as usual things went a little cock eyed. Whilst at Donington I received a call about a dog that needed help so thankfully due to the internet wonders I was able to get online from the service station area and sort it. It was nearly 12pm when we left.

Thankfully we were only 15minutes late after having whizzed into the house grabbed Lottie and whizzing straight back out. That was closely followed by a 3pm homevisit and then yet another trip back up to the kennels to deposit towels and donated bedding.

I finally got back into the house around 5.30pm and was norty! Myself Nicky Carl and my son sneaked off to the Hollybush Inn in Denford for tea! I really couldnt face cooking lol.

Arriving home at 8pm I followed up that evenings phone calls and crashed into bed about 11.30pm. Suprisingly I went out like a light...... that was till 2am when my son woke me up as he was really unwell. Bang went the rest of my sleep!

Farewell Littlest Bear!

On a sadder note Saturday saw us saying yet again a sad farewell to one of our own.
Last year two lurchers landed in our care, both were elderly and hadnt had a good life thus far. Tipo is one of our current sponsor hounds and Merlin was her companion! Merlin went into foster care and soon became a much loved member of Nicky and Rich's family. He joined Penny and Ed as their new brother and was renamed Ron.

Ron was a batty old boy very much saluki collie cross and although his little cloudy eyes and his gangly legs sometimes let him down he was a game old fella! Sadly on Friday evening his legs let him down for the last time, by Saturday morning he was no better and the vets and Nicky agreed he was tired and scared. With all the love she could offer in her heart Nicky stayed with him whilst he made his final journey.
Nicky & Rich you are in our thoughts, we know just how special Littlest Bear Ronnie Barker was to you both.
Sleep tight lad, you will live on in the hearts of many until we all meet again x
Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart. Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

Did someone say Terrier?

Someone remind me if I say im ever taking a holiday again ... DONT! Its been mental since I got back and both myself and Liz gather to take stock late at night and dont know whether to laugh or cry!

This weekend has been busy even by usual weekend standards!It started at 10 am Saturday after sorting my own hounds I headed up to the kennels with Sue and Andy who collected Robson as a foster. Once there we met up with Jackie and Mark two more volunteers so the three of us could set about the mammoth task of walking everyone and changing bedding followed by walking out two other visitors who I will tell you about shortly.
The first walk saw us taking out Tess, Bengy, Binky, Twirl & Maddie, basically all the shall we say quirkier or more high energy hounds. We followed that with the more sedate walk of Billy, Foxy, Angel and Jade. This takes around 2 hours as each walk last just over 1/2 an hour 3/4 of an hour depending on what pace we take and what we encounter on the way then we have 15minutes or so outside the kennels on the grass for cuddles. After the main munch bunch we walked we took out the guests! Currently we have the pleasure of the hugest Rottweiler male Boris and Rupert the Staffi x Rottie who our kennels are greatfully boarding on behalf of Hope Rescue. Both of the boys are lovely and soft as a brush with people but Boris isnt the best with other dogs which walking the lanes based round a kennels can make for an interesting time! He does though love to cuddle in lean on you and then.... well full sit on your legs for hugs. He is the sloppiest beast I know and its a pleasure to spend time with him as I grew up with Rotts and they are one of my preferred breeds. I just adore them!

After that we headed down to the local dogs home. They have like us had a ridiculously busy week with dogs hitting them left right and center and are just full to the brim struggling for any empty kennel space its so heartbreaking! I would say only about 15 of the dogs were even crossbreeds all the others being pedigrees. You wouldnt believe there were the usual Rotties, staffies, but also a bedlington, a wire haired fox terrier, a St bernard, yorkshire terrier! You name it they had it! Why oh why oh why.

Vicky took me down to meet a lurcher girl who had finished her time. I couldnt believe it when I saw her she has to be Tigs litter sister! Same age same cross only darker brindle and much much hairier and cheekier! Her name is Phebe and she is currently as mad as a box of frogs this girl really needs a good run!

We reserved her and went off to look at the other two inmates who were still doing there time! There was a beautiful brindle whippet x greyhound male and the most adorable little black whippet x greyhound male also. The brindle boy is so thin and was found tied up in a field! Somehow I dont think anyone will be coming back for him! Both are now reserved to us and will come over once they have finished their time.
Just as I was about to leave I wondered into a block I dont often go into usually as its where the pups tend to be but this time I did. STUPIDLY! I found the teeniest tiniest little old terrier man who just looked so damn miserable bless him. He had pulled his blanket out of his plastic bed and was just lying on the floor so folorn and sad. Everybody was passing him by and coing and ooing over the puppies. That was it! Suckered once more what could you do? Toby as he has now been renamed is happily in foster and has to be the gutsiest little monkey ive met!
So without further ado meet the newbies!

Phebe Shepherd Cross lurcher, and the brindle and black whippy boys and not forgetting teeny Toby Terrorist! Could you have left him behind?

The Most Lucious Phebe!

Brindle Babe

Beautiful wee whippet x boy!

Teeny Toby Terrorist!
After that we headed back up to the kennels with Toby Terrier in tow and also Phebe to deliver her safely into our kennel block. She settled well straight away. The kennel staff had a good laugh about our newest little arrival but I think they know aswell as anyone dont be suprised at what Lisa lands with. I did try to tell them that he actually had really long legs honest and that we walked back from the dogs home so they just sort of shrunk on the way!
By then it was around 3pm and after a short break for lunch Tanya and Mark arrived about 4pm. Tanya and Mark are a lovely couple who we homevetted last week as they saw we were desperate for foster homes. They came to collect the delectable Tess. Current news is she is settling in well with them, their lurcher girl Meg and their four year old Son Arthur! All being well I dont think she will be going anywhere once we have gauged just how well she will fit.

Good luck Tess!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wanna meet the newbie! YIKES!

Okay so not a sighthound but well...... erm..... yes I am a sucker for a sorry story as you all know!
Crossbreed anyone?

YES! Before anyone starts! I am WELL aware that Patch is NOT a sighthound! However what Patch is is a wonderful crossbreed boy who at just 18mnths old has had a hell of a few weeks and needs a good loving forever home
Patch and his companion (sadly who we cant get signed over) were recently taken from a free ad in Pets At Home by a woman who wasnt able to commit to them and should never of had them. She was lodging at a *friends* house for a short period of time not even having a home of her own. One of my foster carers was asked to take Patch for the weekend until she had the keys to her new property on Monday. This never materialised and Patchs companion is now living in a tent with this lady and her two late teen sons!

In two weeks Patch has been taken from his home by strangers, moved in with other strangers then handed to yet more strangers and enough is enough!!!! Patch is now signed over to Greyhound Gap.

Patch so far is proving to be a great little dog! He is currently co existing with 2 labrador bitches and 1 greyhound bitch and 1 grumpy greyhound male ALL have accepted him and he gets on well with them all. Patch is thoroughly housetrained, good on the leash and is a cracking off leader also, he is good with all other dogs and people he has met.
Patch ideally needs a home with a companion preferably a young female who will play with him as he loves to run play and also likes his toys.

Poor Patch has been through so much and we would really love to allow him a second chance and find him a wonderful new home.

Patch will be treated in exactly the same way as our sighthounds and will be vaccinated, de flead, wormed, microchipped and neutered before rehoming.
Although Patch is quite a comical looking hound with short legs and large looking head he really is a dog in a million and will make a fabulously loyal companion.

So if anyone who has a friend looking to home a wonderful little non sighthound man for more information or to offer Patch a home please have them call Lisa on 01782 544728 or Liz on 01473 623343.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Meet the Newbies & Vixen Update!

You may remember a few weeks ago we took in a 10 year old greyhound girl who was in a hell of a mess bless her! She was found wandering the streets thin and in season covered in scars with a mouth full of rotting teeth, a horrendously broken nose and mammory tumours. Since then Vixen as she was named because despite all this she was a cheeky little minx has been lounging around in one of our foster homes!

Today I spoke to the vets and now she has settled in and gained some weight its time to undergo the massive amounts of surgery needed to get this happy go lucky girl a happy go lucky body to hopefully enjoy and prance around in for the we hope remaining few years!

The vets Vixen is under arnt the cheapest but they are one of the best and serve the area of care she is in and the costing isnt going to be pretty!!!! We are hoping to hold one of our speciality online auctions to help with the costs which we estimate are going to be anything up to around £1000.

First stage of operations will start next week when she will go in for a very evasive dental surgery as her teeth are so bad they are affecting her whole body sending poison coursing through it from the infection. She will also receive a jab that will hopefully end any pregnancy should she be unfortunate enough to have been caught in whelp. She is too old and too unfit to be worrying about going through motherhood bless her, the second injection will be administered 24 hours later.

We then need to give her a couple of weeks to rest between surgeries before we progress onto the next stage which will be spaying and mammory tumour removal. The tumour is huge and she will feel much better without it we can just only hope its nothing sinister and is benign so good thoughts for that would be appreciated.

Once all that is out of the way a month after we may need to consider more dental work.

Vixen is a trooper with a huge zest to live and love and we know that if any dog will just take the surgery in her stride appreciate its merit and take the time to reap the benefits it will be here. She is such a special girl, deserves the best and we hope we can give it. We will keep you updated.

Now meet the newbies.... Today myself and Trish headed up to the kennels early doors to get photos as we knew you would all be waiting to see them.

So with no further ado here there are
Allow me to introduce

Billy, Foxy & Angel

and last but not least the beautiful but somewhat shy Jade

All of these dogs are looking for foster homes. If you think you can help please call!

Another bit of good news..... after yesterdays appeal the beautiful Robson will now be heading to foster at the weekend. Massive thanks to Sue & Andy who normally only take in our oldies but are willing to help this lad out as he is doing so badly in kennels.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Gap News the week of my holiday - update

First of all have to say a massive thanks to the Gap team for holding the fort whilst I took the break and especially Liz who took the strain of all the phone and email work on which we normally share between us so she handled two peoples calls!
The day before I left for holiday Tess who landed in our care the week before was taken very poorly. There was something not quite right with her that I couldnt put my finger on but she seemed too quiet for a young beddy x girlie. Thankfully she went in for full health check and spay and our vets took the decision to open her up and see what if anything else was going on! Thank god they did! Tess had a seriously enlarged spleen that had just ruptured, probably from a trauma before landing in our care poor girl! Her insides were hideous and the next 48 hours were critical, being a young girl Tess thankfully pulled it back quickly and has now made a full recovery. Dogs unlike humans dont need to take any medication and can live happily without her spleen so she is expected to have a normal happy life now we are over the moon!

On the intakes front this week saw lots of new arrivals need in whilst I was away! Roxy a black greyhound female landed from her trainer owner, Molly another black bitch originally rehomed via Cheshire dogs home but once again needing out arrived, also a very nervous RSPCA case girl Jade the lurcher and three more greyhounds Billy a handsome Brindle male, Angel (snort more like fallenangel!) a cheeky quirky happy smiley blue girl and Foxy a beautiful deep red. At the moment I only have photos of Molly as you can see below she is a little darling but will update with pictures of the others as soon as!

Aswell as the ones expected to leave us we are also happy to report that both Mork, James and Murphy have also found their forever homes! Be happy boys xx
I would also like to use the block to issue a plea! On return from holiday ive found that Robson our gentle giant broken coated boy is not doing so well in kennels! He is dropping weight quickly and urgently need to find him a foster home. Robson is a very quiet boy and isnt vocal or destructive in the kennels just quietly pining away! He gets on great with all other dogs and seems fine with people he is however not cat friendly.

.....And a great time was had by all!

Well back from our holidays and what a holiday it was! We headed down to Swallows Dance in Pembrokeshire run by friends Carol and Trev who are very very dog friendly they also have another cottage Little Dumpledale . The cottage is very self contained and has a garden around 1/4 of an acre. We went with Anna & David and between us took 12 hounds! I have to say for two different groups of families the dogs all got on remarkably well. The weather was almost too good to be true and although we did visit some places locally like Broadhaven and Freshwater to be honest most of the time we spent in the cottage garden enjoying the company, the hounds playing good food and beer! We also partook in an evening with Carol and Trevor and the other guests staying in the caravan and cottage and reciprocated the next evening by inviting everyone over for a BBQ at Swallowsdance. Hello to Chris, Jen & Tom if you read this it was lovely to met you and your hound thank you for the donation and look forward to seeing you if you can make it to the show!

You can see on the piccies a mocked up fence hurridly put up by Trev! Although the garden is totally secure one of Anna's new additions Arthur was a little bit mind blown by the view across the surrounding fields and was liable to do himself an injury trying to find a way by hook or crook to get out! In true Trev style nothing to much there was a mocked up safety feature installed within an hour of us heading out for the afternoon. Thanks Trev your a hero.
Anyway some piccies of the hounds enjoying the sun!
Two of my own beauties Queenie Bea and Tzar enjoying the garden!

Myself and Tzar enjoying a cuddle in the afternoon sun!

Duchess (brindle) & Lottie (cream) two of our current homeless hounds enjoying playing with my Tzar and Maggies Ruby!

and a group of hounds enjoying the garden!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Getting away from it.

Well Saturday see's me heading off on holiday for a week so a quick Gap blog update before I go! I say getting away from it but im actually taking two of my current fosters Duchess and Lottie with me aswell as three of my own dogs Tzar, Bea & Rodney. Sam is heading into kennels as after 18mnths of being in our care he is still undergoing severe behaviour issues based around the outdoors and the frustration it envokes, it also gives us the chance to allow a behaviourist friend to come and put a couple of days work in with him. Henry my third foster is also heading back in kennels as he has only been out of them for a short time and again has alot to learn before he engages as one dog in twelve out and about. Anna is coming with us along with her husband David and the seven Revitt hounds!! Wonder how much of a break we will have with twelve dogs in total who cares I cant wait. I have no idea if Duchess and Lottie have ever seen a beach before and am really looking forward to their feet hitting the sand.

Today we have another new arrival landing within the folds a 3 1/2 year old black bitch called Roxy. She has been with her owner since retiring from racing but she is such a happy go lucky girl she needs a family and sofa to call her own retirement pad. Im sure it wont be long before she finds her perfect home.

I mentioned earlier Henry. Henry is a big male greyhound who has been in our kennels for a while now so on Saturday I brought him home to see how he did with the others. He is turning into a dream, im going to bring him back here after our holiday and hope he finds his perfect home quickly. He still needs some leash socialisation but has been spotlessly clean from day one. He is getting on so well with the others and has already started to play and is a little bit in love with Lottie as the pictures below show. Who could resist this boy? I also find it hard to believe that the lucious Lottie has now been with us since last October. We just dont seem to have found the right home for her. She needs somewhere without young children 10 + would be fine, no cats but other dogs and not left more than a couple of hours at a time. The right home just hasnt come along!

Henry & Lottie

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Spring has Sprung

and that means another busy week in Gapland.

There has been intakes and outgoings galore this week. Its fabulous that we are homing so well and the dogs seem to be settling fabulously and am getting good reports back from all the adopters.
At the weekend we said goodbye to Daisy, Macey, Loafer & Jake. Roscoe is leaving us for his new home today, Tig is leaving Friday and Savannah's new Mum is collecting her early next week. So great news all round.
This week also saw the adorable Sadie move into foster down South with Corinne. Sadie is a cheeky little whippety cross girl who on first test seems cat friendly we will though be putting her more extensively through her paces. This girl is so happy and loveable and although a little giddy doesnt seem to have a nasty bone in her body.

On the welcoming side this week we say hello to Robson. Robson was found straying and taken to the local pound, we have no idea how this boy has found himself homeless. Robson is a big deerhound x broken coated boy. Other than not being cat friendly he is such a loving sensitive boy who looks at you with such adoration in his eyes. After spending just a couple of hours with him at the kennels it was easy to see the bond he had already formed with myself and how he looked to me for guidance. I cant wait to find this boy a foster home because it will be lovely to see him settle and then go on to find the wonderfully lucky family who dont yet know he is their heartdog.....

Then Saturday also saw the arrival of the beautiful Tess. Tess is an 18mnth old Deerhound, whippet, beddlington, greyhound. She was a worker but unfortunatly went to visit one of the local sheep and the farmer knows who she is. Tess isnt cat friendly but is a really steady girl, walks well, gets on with other dogs. We dont envisage she will hang around long!

On a very sad note Monday saw me taking a call from heartbroken adopters. At the end of November last year one of our beautiful hounds Pye was rehomed with a fabulous family in Gloucestershire. Dave & Jacqui fell instantly in love with the boy at first sight. Pye at just coming up to 3 years of age went to join their elderly lurcher girl after she lost Jasper her greyhound companion. Pye settled well and soon became a much loved part of the family.

On Sunday evening an old stress fracture possibly from his racing days we knew nothing about gave way. Sadly the fracture was in his neck and left him paralysed there was nothing that could be done. Pye made his way peacefully to the bridge leaving his family heartbroken and shocked.
Pye was a big Gap favourite who was adored by his foster carers Dave & Kirsty and much adored by myself and especially my son Jack who spent hours on the beach playing chase.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Dave, Jacqui and the family, thank you for taking him making him a Rudge and giving him four wonderfully happy months. Taken too soon but knowing all too well what love was all about.