Friday, June 30, 2006

Our newest arrival lands!

Today we aquired yet another lurcher girl! She was collected today by Anna after her owners decided they didnt want her anymore because she needed are you ready for this.... excercise.

They have had her for 18mnths and she is around 7 years of age, beautiful red fawn saluki x greyhound girl with a grey face. She is now safely in foster care in Spalding in Lincolnshire and will add photos as soon as I receive them. Apprently she is a very kind and gentle girl and has the sweetest nature you could imagine. Fabulous with kids and other dogs just not the usual cats bless her. She has been an only dog so will make a wonderful first companion hound for someone as she has been use to being left when her owners werent around. Her name is Cassie and more updates will follow in the days to come.

Elsewhere..... update on Ice.

Poor Ice went into the vets yesterday morning and has been kept in overnight returning to the holding kennels this evening late on. As I posted yesterday he had a very bad leg and was holding it up on arrival and was very precious about it and wouldnt let us near. Same at the kennels so was booked in at earliest clear oppurtunity for the vets to knock him out and have a good look easiest way as he wouldnt let us near it.

Expecting the usual cracked wrist type injury how suprised and horrified were we to find that actually he had his nails grown right the way round and back actually inside his pad. In the time this has been going on it must have given more pain to be honest than an actual cracked wrist. How can any trainer ignore this fact they must have known it was going on. My heart nearly broke in two for the poor lad, something so basic left to cause him to suffer for who knows how long. He has had the pads opened the nails dug out packed with antibiotics and stitched up. He also needed a dental and has been castrated.

Spoke to Simon at the kennels to see how he was and his words were " he is fine a little p****** off at having to wear a buster collar but other than that fine!" *giggle* poor lad. At least now he can concentrate on learning what a loving brighter future is. Onwards and upwards from here Ice Ice Baby.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

News from Sat 24th to Thur 29th June 2006

This week so far has been a busy week and as it appears I cant back blog I will fill you in on some of the comings and goings so far.

The busy week started on Saturday. Firstly a lovely lady from Southampton, Val travelled all the way to my home in Stoke to meet our longest staying greyhound Cash. Val made her way along with her current hound Star and Judy and Mike (Cashs foster parents) travelled him down for the meeting.

Cash came to us in August last year after being under threat of pts by his trainer on retirement from racing. He had alot of growing up to do at first but soon settled into the most wonderful hound who didnt deserve to wait so long for the right home.

The meeting went fabulously well and he headed off back to Southampton with Val and Star and has settled like a dream.

Well done lad, we are all so proud and happy for you. Judy and Mike are having a holiday in Zante and will be taking in their next foster hound on return.

Literally as Val pulled off, Amy pulled up. Amy is one of our volunteers who lives in Halesowen. She had been en route from Worcester to Stoke with our newest arrivals Ice and Hero. Both Ice and Hero were needing rescue spaces after the training yard they were attatched to in Portsmouth closed.

We were contacted by Debbie Buxcey of to see if we could help. Debbie herself runs a small independant rescue and had taken some of the female hounds from the closure.

The dogs were firstly got onto the road by another of our volunteers Charley who collected them from Portsmouth and made the mammoth journey up to Worcester to meet Amy.

As we dont currently have foster places open for these boys they have been placed safely in our fabulous holding kennels in Staffordshire until such assessment places become open.

On arrival it was obvious that the boys were in need of lots of tlc. Both were full of fleas and worms had terrible coats and mouths that left alot to be desired. Along with de fleaing and vaccinating we will be castrating them, taking care of their mouths and also other problems. Hero seems to have faired better and just has a sprung toe on his front paw that funnily points to the sky in a bit of an ET phone home type manner but poor Ice is not so good. He visibly has an injury to his front leg and is in some pain holding it high and choosing not to put any weight through it this needs urgent attention.

Ice is in today to have his paw checked over so good thoughts that its something relatively easy to fix and keep painfree for him would be appreciated.

The boys......

Elsewhere still behind the scenes more was going on......

In the week we had received a call about a little 10mnth old lurcher boy whos time was up in the pound. As the pounds are obliged to take the dog wardens dog via contract if they get to full then they have no choice but to euthanise to make way for more stray dogs needing to come in.

Buddy was one of those due for euthanasia.

Thankfully one of our foster careers Louise who is based right up in Keighley, Yorkshire offered to take the boy. This was fabulous news. Just the small problem of moving him from Birmingham to North Yorkshire. Once again our fabulous volunteers were out on the move and the boy landed safely just hours after leaving thanks to Richard and Marion.


Other comings and goings this week have continued...

Sunday saw us out in force raising awareness and much needed funding.

Two events were attended on the day. I myself went to the Green Safari Day at Risley Moss country park in Warrington, the turn out of rescue support once again was fabulous and thanks to all who attended. We managed to speak to quite a few people about the plight of the hounds and raise a fabulous £114 in the process.

Meanwhile Dawn and other members of the team headed off to Dogs Trust Kenilworths Fun Dog Show held a stall. Again lot of interest in the dogs and over £80 being raised meaning in one day we had managed another £200 towards the dogs care.

It was also Nog one of our sponsor hounds first official outing. Nog came to us recently a poor old lad whos teeth were in horrendous condition but more alarmingly so is his heart. He is just 10 years of age, still with all this aside he is the most wonderful loving companion hound. He will be living out his days in the care of Dawn so that we can support his ongoing medical treatment.

He had a great day and managed to pick up a rosette in the best senior class.

Noggin the Nog

and finally.... thank goodness I hear you cry!

Today is the day that Fletch goes home! Fletch is a beautiful 18mnth old greyhound boy who has been in our care for around six weeks now. He landed from Ireland with two others (Hustler and Cole) already rehomed.

Handsome Fletch the Snowflake Hound

Fletchs new family first laid eyes on the lad at the RSPCA Derby Fun Dog Show that was held recently. They contacted us after and arranged for a home visitor to go and meet themselves and their existing dogs. All went well with the homecheck so last weekend Fletch went to visit for the day. He settled in straight away and got on fine with their little whippet girl and old collie lady.

Good luck Fletch. Looking forward to lots of updates and huge thanks to both his new family for welcoming him home and Sue, Mark & kids his foster family.

So thats a round up of the week so far, of course much more has been happening but I hope you enjoyed the round up of the main comings and goings this week so far! I hope to update this journal three of four times a week so future entries shouldnt be so long....

Welcome to our official News Blog for Greyhound Gap

As we are due to update our website soon we thought it was necessary to add a newspage but thought it would be more fun to do that in the form of blog.

So who are Greyhound Gap and what do we do?

Each year hundreds of healthy greyhounds & lurchers are needlessly put to sleep in the UK and this figure is repeated throughout many countries in the world!
The lucky ones make it into rescue, however the story doesn't end there! There are many rescues the length and breadth of the country looking for homes. There are also many potential adopters looking for the right dog to join their family. There is a "gap" between these two parties in terms of distance, the need for homechecking, transporting the dog or quite simply even knowing that each other exists!
This is where Greyhound Gap comes in. The whole aim of this site is to fill that gap by assisting rescues and new potential adopters in their quest to find the perfect home for the perfect dog. The more the rescues can home, the more lucky ones they can make way for.
We have now compiled a list of greyhound rescue centres in the UK and Eire in an attempt to provide an easy source of reference to their nearest centre for people who are looking to adopt a greyhound. The rescue list can be found on the online forum.
Please feel free to use the board to ask any questions you have regarding these dogs, as there is a vast amount of knowledge and personal opinions to be sought amongst the members there.
As well as the service we and our volunteers offer to already established rescues, Greyhound Gap also actively takes in and re-homes death row Greyhounds and Lurchers who find themselves in a PTS situation in UK pounds.
Whilst in our care, all dogs are placed in foster situations which we find preferable to kennel facilities allowing us to build up our own history on the dogs. This allows us to match each dog and each new potential adopter making for an easier and stress free homing.
All dogs that come into our care are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, de-flead and wormed before re-homing as well as receiving a full vet check and any other necessary treatment. As you can appreciate this costs us a great deal. We are totally self funded and have to work hard to raise the necessary monies required. This is made possible by fantastic support from our network of volunteers and you, the general public. More information on how you can help can be found within the pages of this website.
Homechecks will be required before we will place any of our dogs and we also pride ourselves on the fact we consider our dogs to be rescued for life. Should any problems occur at anytime and it becomes necessary for our dogs to leave their new home they must be returned to our care.
Greyhound Gap operates on a National basis so our dogs can be homed in most areas throughout the UK.

I hope that through the pages of this blog you come to understand more about why we do our work and how come its so important.