Saturday, July 15, 2006

So much to see and do!

Wow!! I cant believe another busy week here in Gap Land has passed without me adding a blog update. Sort of makes it hit home just how busy things really are around here!!

I will attemt to sum up the news in a nutshell. I feel so bad for not blogging but it has been manic.

Saturday saw two of our hounds head off to new homes. Gypsy who has headed off to Hertfordshire and Minnie who has left for a new life in Oxford. Both are so far doing well and settling in a treat. Great to see them finally finding their forever sofas. Gypsy has waited a while as we knew it was the perfect home but her new Mum and Dad were away on holiday and little Minnie came to us really poorly with kennel cough and we have had to wait for her to recover. Thanks to Mel and Brian for fostering Gypsy and Lisa and boys for looking after Minnie.



Meanwhile Saturday was also the start of a busy fundraising weekend for us. I went along with other Gap volunteers Trish and Jackie to Westfest2006. West Fest was held at a local high school in Leek and was an open day with lots of live music provided by the pupils of Westwood High School. It was a fabulous day and was wonderful to see so much young musical talent in one place.

The hounds behaved impecably apart from the odd squirrel sighting, lots of awareness was raised and also a wonderful £50 to help continue the care of the dogs.


We would like to thank the sixth form pupils and the school for inviting us along to attend on the day.

Sunday and back out on the road fundraising with three events being held simaltaniously. First was the PDSA Fun Dog Show and Opening Day in Worthington Park Sale. Another fabulous Gap turn out and we cant thank everyone enough for taking the time to attend. The day was a great success and we managed to raise an astounding £250. Unbelievable.

Also Dogs Trust in both Roden and Bridgend held there annual open days and again volunteers all around the country rallyed round to be in attendance. We managed to raise another amazing £200 combined taking the total for one weekends fundraising alone to £500 thank you so much one and all.

Sundays Fundraising Events..

also on Sunday beautiful Cassie left us for her new forever home in Nottingham with Lynda and husband. She is such a beautiful gentle girl and has settled in straight away. Be happy sweetheart.

Whilst out attending the fundraiser we also received a call from our kennels to ask if we would be willing to take on yet another black male hound who needed help. How could we say no? So another new arrival landed.

Monday and Tuesday were both busy days with the usual flurry of activity behind the scenes, there was lots of transports to be arranged for death rowers and thankfully through so many wonderful volunteers and fabulous rescues we managed to secure places for all that needed a safe place to be. Thank you to everyone who helped too many to name you all know who you are.

Wednesday saw yet another new arrival. One of the overdue poundies was a two year old black (no suprise there then) greyhound male. We made arrangements for him to come safely into Gaps care and to be kept safe in our holding kennels along with Hero and the Sunday dog.

Nicky grabbed him and brought him up from Birmingham collecting me on the way so we could head over to the kennels and walk them all.

On arrival at the kennels we were greeted by Hero and the new boy who im not sure is a greyhound male and I suspect has a little bit of bull in him somewhere, never the less he is a beautiful boy with a cheeky, bouncy personality who has been named Dipsy. We called the new lad Midge and headed out to walk all three. They were angels and are all lovely boys a pleasure to spend time with. Dipsy amused us by doing headstands in the local public field trying to get off his muzzle.

At the sametime Simon the kennel owner asked me to go and have a look at a little middle aged gentleman, I would say he is lurcher x he was dumped two weeks ago in the quarry close to the kennels very near to death he was so under weight and neglected. Simon naturally took him in and has done a wonderful job getting him back on his feet. However, now he needs the routine castration etc and a rescue to safeguard his future? Could you of said no? I know I couldnt. Albert as he has now been named has been happily welcomed into the Gap fold and we will be seeking a foster home for him shortly.

Dipsy, Hero & Midge


A beautiful bunch im sure you will all agree!

Friday saw Slim leave for his new home in Coventry! Slim is a beautiful boy who has been with us for around four months now. He has left to live with his new parents Andrea and Neil and their beautiful 12 year old lurcher bitch Jess. He is already settling in well and has been a good lad since landing. Good luck Slim we are so glad you finally have your forever sofa. Lots of love to Trish and Mark for doing such a fabulous job with their first foster and looking after him so well.

Saturday and the busiest day of the week quickly comes back around!

This morning we were up the kennels for 10 am we being myself and Trish. We took the four lads out for a lovely walk before it become to hot. They were all pleased to see us and lots of happy tails and smiley faces met us.

Enjoying their walk

As we were putting the hounds back into the kennels Trish caved in and decided that Midge wasnt going to make it back in there. He has now headed home with her to join her family as their second foster. Well done Trish and Mark and look forward to seeing this lad flourish.

Midge leaving the kennels with Trish

and just two hours later happy and smiling settling in.

Also early morning a massive thanks to Marion and Gareth. We had a desperate poundie who needed moving today all the way from Walsall to Bath Cats & Dogs Home. Marion or Mad Marion as we like to call her managed an epic journey right the way up to Junction 10 of the M6 for 10.30am considering she lives in South Wales this is no meanfeat. She then drove all the way back down to Bath to deliver the lad to safety. Poor boy is poorly with kennel cough but is now guaranteed fabulous care and a safe future. Thank you both im sure if this lad could he would send massive licks and kisses.

Yet again we also welcome two more new arrivals to the Gap hound clan today.

First up is a little greyhound girl called Bluebell but now changed to Coco. Coco was found straying and was due to be euthanised last Wednesday but thankfully Rochdale Dog Rescue contacted us and we were able to offer her a place. She was collected today by Alicia and Ray (thank you both) from Widnes and they made the massive journey down to Coventry with her to hand her to her foster parents Abigail and Paul. Thank you Abigail and Paul for welcoming your third Gap foster into your home and hearts.

Once little Coco arrived we were able to trace her ear number and were shocked to find that this little lady has only just seen her first birthday. She was one in June yet already the poor girl is unwanted another waste product of the racing industry. She is a lovely natured playful girl who after a good bath and de fleaing is already settling in well.


and finally our second arrival today Perry. Perry is a 4 year old greyhound male who has arrived in our care from a home situation. Sadly Perrys owner has found herself in a position where she can no longer care for his needs. He is a beautiful lad who has travelled from Rotherham to Walsall to become Lisa and the boys latest foster.

Massive thanks to Kerry and David for collecting him and transporting him and thanks to Dawn and Lisa for travelling to meet him. Fingers crossed your new forever home wont be far away.

and so to bed and ready for yet another new week. I have no idea from one week to the next what to expect fingers crossed that its all good.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The heat is on!

Phew its hot and in the rescue world the heat is on in more ways than one. Yet again this week has been one of the busiest on record with dogs in danger turning up left right and center..

Its been all chop and change with dogs coming and going.

Saturday saw Beano leave for a new home. Beano is the last of the Greyhound puppies who were whelped in our care in January. We cant believe that this lad has waited so long. He is a joy to have around and such a good boy and so far seems to be settling well. He has gone to live near to Wimbledon Common. No jokes about the Wombles please.

Today he visited our treasurer who actually works on the common with his new brother Gyp and things seem to be going well...

Sunday saw another of our pups leave, Chester. Chester came to us after being surrendered into the pound at 12 weeks old he then stayed there until 5 months when he landed in our care. He is a beautiful boy who is so eager to learn and has quickly picked up all the basics of homelife. He is settling well into his home but is having a few problems with manners around other young dogs, he is being a little overly boisterous and lively on walks and not sure when to call it quits. His new Mum is planning on booking him into training and socialisation classes and limiting his freedom when out and about in the hope of gradually easing him into interacting with other dogs and nipping any social climbing in the bud. We wish them all the luck in the world and hope that Chester soon realises that wally behaviour isnt the way to go and starts to understand how to play. We will be keeping in regular touch with his new family to offer assistance and hope between us that happy little chappy that is bursting to get out begins to bud.

Also on Sunday one of the regular Gap meet ups took place. A group of us met up at Biddulph Grange Country Park in Stoke to allow the hounds a shaded walk through the woods and some fun in the lake and streams that run the length and bredth.

A great time was had by all, especially the humans after when we headed to a local dog friendly pub The Hollybush Inn, Denford for a refreshing pint and a meal. A few photos of the day below..

Monday was all change again! We have to give massive thanks to GRWE who kindly offered to take one of our current kennel hounds Max into their care to allow us to bring in another poundie on Tuesday.

As always the Gap volunteers stepped up to the mark and Max was transported safely from kennels in Stoke down to Hereford with even a stop off for a pub lunch on the way. Although his table manners leave alot to be desired lol and need some working on!
Massive thanks to Trish and Shellie for taking the time to move him.

Handsome Max

Behind the scenes also a great dane x mastiff boy who was also under threat was on the road to safety. After the pound we regulate asked us for help Hope rescue managed to secure him a place with Teckles in Gloucester. We are greatful to both. Thanks to Nicky for transport assistance.

Tuesday saw all change in the kennels day to make way for our new arrival Roo. Roo is a beautiful 3 year old Greyhound boy who was in a pts situation in the pound. He was transported to Mike and Judy on the M6 where they headed down to Stoke with him to meet up with myself.
We headed up to the kennels with Roo where the plan of attack was to bail Ice and Hero from kennels and place them both into foster care, Ice with Judy and Mike and Hero with Karen and Colin.

On arrival at the kennels though it was clear to see that Roo is so nervous and traumatised he wasnt going to fair well going back into a kennel situation and needed the sanctity of a foster situation straight away. After nipping into the kennels and running a quick assessment on Ice and Hero it was obvious that whilst Ice needed further medical care for the time being Hero was as happy as a sandboy. He grinned me with his daft grin and cheesy face and is fairing very well.
The decision was made, Ice would go to Mike and Judy but Roo would make the journey back to Widnes to foster with Karen and Colin, Hero will be going to another foster home hopefully within the next week.

Since arriving in foster care Roo has proved to be a very nervous and untrusting boy, he has seen more hardships than any dog should ever face in their life. In the 24hours he has been there he hasnt voluntarily ventured out of the sanctuary of a crate although the doors have been left open for him. He went in today for neutering because we decided we wanted to get all the nasties and upset out of the way as soon as possible. Hopefully now he can start to settle and learn to trust before he starts to make his journey to his forever home.