Monday, April 14, 2008

Good weekend and thanks to many

Well as per usual the Gap weekend was hectic. First up Saturday morning and the usual mammoth kennel dog walking session and then changing of beds, toys, dishing out pigs ear et all. We currently have 14 dogs in kennels so to give them all the individual attention they need we need lots of people on hand.

Jessie the little bedlington whippet girl has now moved into foster care. She has gone as an only dog to assertain her capabilities at being left after having some issues with another female dog in her last home. So far so good she is settling well.

We also welcome a new arrival who came to us via Hope Rescue, Rigsby. Rigsby is a 5 year old deerhound x greyhound probably collie boy who up until the weekend lived alongside an english bull terrier and a cat. Sadly the owners have to move into rented accomodation and are only allowed one dog. They knew that Rigsby would be easier to rehome than the bull terrier hence his arrival. I havent seen him yet but first reports from the kennel staff are he is a happy albeit somewhat bouncy boy and I look forward to seeing him.

Other news.......

On Saturday a group of our volunteers held an off leash socialisation session for hounds down in the Hampshire area. They hire an indoor riding school and its somewhere that those dogs with issues OR unable to run safely off leash elsewhere can stretch their legs and have a good play with dogs of their own kind. The sessions are always a huge success, the dogs are muzzled to ensure no mishaps or overly rough playing.

Aswell as having a fabulous time they managed to raise a wonderful £130 for the rescue. So thank you to everyone who attended and Corinne for arranging it.

Photos courtesy of Ali .......

This weekend also saw a two day Meet & Greet held in York at Pets at Home by other volunteers.
They had a hugely succesful weekend raising awareness of these beautiful dogs, had some interest in homing and also managed to raise a wonderful £300 over the course of their two days.
Thank you so much to Frances for arranging this on our behalf and those who attended for turning out for us on the days.

We also have in our care currently a little blind lurcher boy Bod. Bod came into our care along with Cookie a staffi x labrador a couple of months ago. Cookie has since been succesfully rehomed and Bod has moved into foster care.
Bods sight can be restored but it will need a specialist operation that will cost us £2500. We are currently working on raising this money with seperate fundraisers so as not to take money away from other aspects of the rescue ie money needed for kenneling, neutering and other medical expenses.
Thanks to some very kind people we have already managed to raise £1647 but are still working hard to make up the shortfall before the 14th May when his operation is scheduled for.
Yesterday myself, Trish, Hilary and Tia decided to attend a local car boot sale to try and swell the coiffers. We managed to raise £102.43 which for a mornings booting is a great amount.

We also have to thank Scarlett (who is a new permanant resident here, will save her story for another day for her excellent supervision skills.

Scarlett is an 8mnth old greyhound puppy and as you can see from the pictures below we would never have got anywhere without her organising of us and the day.

Scarlett says that just now and then in life to get to where you want to be (this time her adoring public) that you have no choice but to occasionally walk all over people! She does to me regularly. Auntie Hilary did tell her though that she should be careful because she may just meet this people one day on her way back down!

You can read more about Bod and keep up to date with his fundraising by visiting the link below.
Incase anyone would like to help with a donation all details are listed on his page.
Tired at the end of the day and no where for a Princess to lie other than in a diguarded empty fruitbox! Its no life for a celebrity hound.

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