Tuesday, November 04, 2008

And so into Winter........

I promised to Blog more often didnt I? I really tried but through the Spring into the Summer the Autumn and finally pushing into Winter things have been tough.
This year has probably been the hardest yet in Gap's history. So many dogs, so little time, so few places and so so much to do.
We have had some sad losses, some wonderful happy endings and some beautiful dogs make their way into our care! We have also had a large hand dealt of mischief makers or dogs so badly abused that on goes their rehabilitation and a longer stay with us than envisaged. Due to our ongoing commitment to offer as much rehabilitation work as possible for the hounds in our care as you can imagine we are now stock full of harder to rehome dogs.

If you have sighthound experience and feel you could offer a home to a more difficult dog with full support of course from Greyhound Gap as an organisation please do telephone Lisa on 01782 544728 for an informal chat.

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